When guys bitch…… about their problems

Having a dickhead in your wing can be really terrible. But life always gives us the stick. Learning to live through it is important to develop ourselves as a person. But no matter how much I want to…. it’s just impossible to not hate that piece of s**t.

The issue is a chair. Very expensive and comfortable that I got from a senior of mine. And no matter how much my wingie will deny it….. he’s always been jealous of the fact that I got all the cool things and he didn’t even though he was in the wing before me and knew the other guy before me. But I got all his cool stuff when he left and my wingie was left frustrated.

Anyways, after the fight I was kinda worried that he’d spread rumors about me and didn’t want to get stick from everyone else too, so I decided to let him keep the chair. I should never have given it out in the first place. But that doesn’t change the fact that he’s an asshole.

But revenge is a dish best SERVED COLD.


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