Why speaking English is cool in India

People think that whenever someone speaks English- he/she is super cool. So it has become quite a trend in India to say that Indians only respect people who speak English and think that they are cooler than the rest of us. But what many don’t understand is the fact that, English is not the first language for most of us. So if you see someone with a cool accent and fluency, it probably means that even at the very least the person put in like thousands of hours of work behind that, and indirectly people are admiring him, then it’s probably pretty cool, because his hard work is being rewarded, which according to me is also pretty cool. Of course this isn’t always true as some families have an English environment at home. But they a very small minority which means that the broader consensus doesn’t really depend on them.
Same goes for cleanliness- a lot of people think that if a beggar comes into a great restaurant the people will throw him out. But if he wears good clothes they’ll let him in. Thus a lot of people think it’s about money, society only respects those who have money and who wear cool western clothes like Jeans and Suits. I think that it’s about cleanliness, people respect others who put in the time and effort to look good and this is reflected in the way they are treated.
So is someone’s effort is being praised by others I think that is a good thing.
But at the same time- the weird thing is that people from western countries in general don’t usually have a fear of touching the sick and poor. I myself have that thing, I don’t wanna touch someone who looks really poor, because I don’t wanna catch germs or something. But if a friend of mine was extremely dirty I might still help him up. I think that our mentality as a whole is still influenced by caste system, even though we all will vehemently deny it. The lack of such a system in western world is a boon to them. And I think it’ll take at least more than just a few generations to bridge that kind of mentality.

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