Download subtitles automatically with VLC Media Player

Getting tired of downloading subtitles for every movie and episode?

VLC offers a handy solution.

Here are the steps:

Step 1: Make sure you have the latest version. Go to “Help” menu and click on “Check for Updates“.

Step 2: Select “View” menu, then click on “Download Subtitles

Step 3: Click on “Search By Hash” first. It finds subtitles based on the video file print so the subtitles will be synchronized with the video.

If you cannot find the subtitles by this then click on “Search by name“.

Step 4: Once you get the subtitles, click on “Download Selection“.

The subtitles are saved in the same directory as the original video file with the same name so that they are automatically loaded next time you open the video.

Note: If there are existing subtitles in the same folder as the video file with the same name then those will be overwritten with no warning. Move them somewhere else if they are important.

There you go. Much faster way to download subtitles with  VLC Media Player.